May 7, 2010

Project: Pink + Gray!

Here we go! Many of you have been patiently waiting for these to be posted.... either because you're friends with someone involved in the shoot, know the location or you're just plain excited :-)

We decided back in late January to do this project. We picked the colors, we picked the location... then we had the task of whipping it all together! I had the best time doing this project... in a way, it was kind of like getting to plan my wedding all over again. :-)

A little background on why pink & gray: I wanted to use my mom's (now mine & Jeremy's) wedding china. As you'll see in the photos it's trimmed in silver. I also decided to use her silver flatware. With that, we wanted to make it a little more modern, than traditional- so we thew in the peach & pink!
A special thank you to: Maxie B's for the cakes & cupcakes, Rae's Flowers Shop for the florals, Etsy Seller: ZuuZuu for the gray shrug, Etsy Seller Velvet Owl for the veil , Etsy Seller GoldenInvites for the all the paper goodies & Calligraphy by Carrie for the lovely penmanship! 

Without further reading....



The location: One of my favorite places on earth... Moores Springs Campground. It's owned by NC State as part of the neighboring Sertoma 4-H Center (where we got married, I spent many weeks of summer as a camper & 2 summers on staff.... aka... it holds a special place with me!). The campground flooded the end of last summer, and has been closed until further notice.... making it an even more perfect place for us to shoot... we wouldn't be battling other people!

Dress: Marshalls, and is for sale! Just email us if interested... it's a size 5.
Shoes: Pink: Manolo Blahnik (pretty sure these are seconds/irregulars)  Gray: Guess, from Marshalls
Gray Shrug: Etsy Seller, ZuuZuu (This shrug is sooo super soft! might get one myself!)
Veil: Etsy Seller, Velvet Owl
Brides Necklace: Target
Brides Bracelet: Target
Brides Necklace Flower: Michaels
Bridesmaids Dress: Target
Bridesmaids Necklace: Forever 21
Bridesmaids Necklace Flowers: Target
Table Cloth & White Pillows: Gray twin sheet from Ikea
Pink Runner: Handmade, fabric from Mary Jo's
Gray Floral Runner: Handmade, fabric from Mary Jo's
Paper Products: Etsy Seller, Golden Invites, Email Her!
Calligraphy: Calligraphy by Carrie
Flowers: Rae's Flower Shop ( A lovely little mom & pop place!)
Cakes & Cupcakes: Maxie B's (YUM YUM!!)
Pies: Homemade
White Beverage Tub: Target
Clear Spigot Jar: Crate & Barrel
Desk: From my house
Wing-back Chair: From my Dad's house
China: Ours: Inherited from Mom & Dad
Flatware: Ours: Inherited from Mom & Dad
Champagne Flutes: Crate & Barrel 
Stemless Champagne Flutes: Pier 1
Wine Glasses: Target

Many Many Many thanks to Kristi Owens for helping style & Trinette Atri for being a bride.... again! :-) You ladies are the best!

..... and Jeremy too.... for driving, helping shoot & supporting me! Love you, hunny!
May 2, 2010

Project: Pink + Gray…. Sneak Peek!

Here's a tiny sneak peak from our fabulous shoot yesterday.....


Much more on this later in the week!!! :-)
April 18, 2010

Debbie + Will: Married!!

On Good Friday, I was offered the opportunity by Renee Sprink to 2nd shoot with her... I was beyond thrilled! She's so sweet and such a hard worker. For my first wedding, this was perfect- plenty of opportunity to learn in tough situations (ahem, super bright sunlight!) and to get my feet wet at a smaller, intimate wedding.

Debbie & Will, thank you so much for allowing me to tag along with Renee. I hope you enjoyed Jamaica!!!

Getting ready!







Renee & I lucked out with this awesome barn across the street from the church :-)
blog barn
blog barn2

Beautiful Pine Trees!

My Favorite!!!
Rings... in a natural tree "cubby hole"


Yummy cake & brownies! Brownies are Debbie and Will's "thing"! They had them on their first date, and have been enjoying them on dates ever since!

Happily. Ever. After.


Here's the wonderful Renee.... working it out :-)