The Bucket List

Every wedding photographer has one. It’s that list of elusive places we would love to photograph a wedding….  It might be an actual wedding venue, and it might not. I’ve had a mental list since I started photographing weddings in 2010, some of which I’ve been able to joyfully check off, clicking my heels as I went. But as I gain more and more experience in this field, and my tastes change, so does my bucket list. Today I’m sharing some of those spots that seem elusive to me.

If you are looking to tie the knot at one of these locations, email me… I’ll very likely offer up a sweet deal ;-)



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Film | Jamaica


When I as prepping for Alan & Ashley’s wedding in Jamaica, I knew I wanted to shoot a little film. So I packed 3 rolls of Kodak Portra 800 in my camera bag… but as weddings are (even the relaxed, destination type) time gets away from me, and my focus can get cloudy…. so I forget about the film and snapped along on my D700. After our 3 days in Montego bay I hadn’t even finished the first roll in my camera! I took all of THREE photos during the wedding….  Ashley’s shoes and one of their cocktail setup (after it was over)… #wompwomp so Jeremy and I walked the property one last time before catching our shuttle to the airport to finish up that roll. I got the scans back a few weeks ago… and we were both smacking ourselves…. WHY DID WE NOT SHOOT MORE FILM?!?!?! Ugh. it was a little heartbreaking to see these perfectly lush photos that feel like you could reach into them and touch the water and smell the flowers.

I vow that I WILL slow down and shoot a little more film!

Camera: Zenza Bronica ETRS      Film: Kodak Portra 800 (120)      Lab: The FIND Lab

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Using Images on Mail

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Paperless Post to share my thoughts on using images on your invitations or other mail (like a save-the-date or thank-you card). I definitely have two major recommendations for this kind of project!

1. Negative Space

If you’re planning to use text over an image, make sure you have a fair amount of negative space so the text doesn’t get lost, or too hard to read. If you know ahead of time you want to use an image from you engagement session, make sure you convey that to your photographer before the session starts. If I know you want this, I will make sure I give you a wider variety of images with negative space! If by chance you already have a design picked, share it with your photographer too! Chances are the design will require that negative space to be in a certain area of the image, and we’ll need to know this so we can photograph the date examples

If you aren’t into designing your own, here are a few of my favorites from Paperless Post that utilize the “negative space” idea really well!

1 /2 /3

paperless post ideasHere’s another example that didn’t have great negative space… so I used a translucent box to cover the “busy-ness” of the trees…. the one on the right is the exact same, just without that translucent box. making a save the date


2. Set the tone for the event

Your piece of mail will set the tone for the event being hosted. If you’re planning a lavish, fancy affair, your photos need to reflect this. Perhaps you will be photographed in black-tie attire to convey this message, or the opposite… maybe you’re in jeans and boots. The location your photographed in will also convey the same message. If you’re in a park-like setting, the invitation and event will seem more casual, where-as if you’re in a fancy hotel, it will seem fancier.

Maggie & Rory did a great job of their engagement photos setting the tone for the wedding… casual & outdoor!  See their engagement session here, and their wedding here!matching wedding to engagement

Hope you found my advice helpful! If you are looking for someone to photograph your engagement session or wedding, contact me!