Wedding | Amber & Jensen

charleston wedding-1054I always love getting to photograph pretty people in Charleston, SC! Amber & Jensen’s ceremony at the Confederate Home and reception at McCrady’s was no exception. While Jen was busy with the gals, I was over at the Mills House with the boys.

Big thanks to Jen Smith for having me along to 2nd shoot with her!    mills house wedding mills house groomsmancharleston wedding-1032confederate home charleston weddingconfederate home courtyard ceremony charleston wedding-1060mccradys wedding reception charleston wedding-1069 mccradys weddingcharleston wedding-1096

Family | Ricci

Ricci-1037A beautiful mom & 2 adorable kids make my job easy! I loved meeting up with the Ricci family to photograph them in Davidson.

davidson nc childrens photographerRicci-1058davidson family photographerRicci-1055langtree wedding photographerRicci-1053

Ironing the wrinkles

I’ve had a camera in hand since I visited the zoo on a field trip in about the 2nd grade (I actually still have an envelope full of tiger photos from that trip!) At some point my mom bought me a purple point & shoot camera to which I’m sure I kept Ritz camera’s mail-order film service in business. Life carried on and I started this photography business after our wedding in 2009. changes

I got by with offering low cost wedding photography in those first 3 years, gaining quite a few clients who were sweet enough to take a chance on a relatively new photographer. Then the three year slump hit with a vengeance. Bookings slowed to a crawl and I’ve felt a little like I’m just treading water to keep my head up. It’s time to shake things up around here…. thus, my confession a few weeks ago. This little lackluster blog is about to get a face-lift, something I’ve known needed to be done, but I’d been avoiding the expense. Now, do I think a blog makes a business? No. But do I think it’s a main highway to achieving a successful business? Yes. My highway needs repaving, new signage and some of those pretty wildflower project patches to easy your eye.

So here’s to getting those orange barrels up and back down quickly, lots of pretty to look at AND a new blog post from me EVERY Tuesday! Gotta get back to consistent sharing over here…. and I have so much to get posted! Cheers!

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