Beach House | Summer #2

We’ve officially been in the house over a year! It seems like yesterday we were near death moving the fridge up the stairs…. There’s been lots of updates since then, but I thought I’d catch them all up here….

*Yes, we are still renting the house*

PS: Ignore the foul stitching of these images, some of them are a little wonky after stitching multiple images together!

We’ve been holding out on purchasing a sofa for the loft since its not a space we use a lot. We found one we liked in April and ordered it, it was delivered in May and we still love it!loft

Another item we held out purchasing were barstools. We kept thinking we would purchase something directors-chair-esque, but when these stumbled across my computer, I was sold! I’m part of a Facebook group called Re-Lilly, where you can buy & sell new or used Lilly Pulitzer items. The page administrator got wind that the Lilly Pulitzer Home line manufacturer was going under, and all the remaining inventory was being sent to the Charlotte Re-Store! This included their bar-stools! I snatched them up at about a 75% discount. They also came in white, and while that would normally be my go-to, I decided to add a little sunshine to the kitchen instead. kitchenkitchenkitchenkitchen with yellow stools

After a year of waiting, Jeremy finally got my tv hung over the tub in the master bath. There’s been lots of bubbly soaking-wine drinking-HGTV-watching going on since! (note the wall still needs patching… grr!)master bathroom sideboard buffet vanity

A chandelier debocle landed us with this one from World Market (no longer online). The wiring is a little funky, so we need to fix it and shorten the chain (you can’t see in the photo here, but we have it hooked up) – but it’s a vast improvement over the light-bulb hanging out of the ceiling (which we still have in the guest room….)  booth

I finally finished the “curtains” for the loft beds (they’re actually thin blankets from Ikea…. same as the ones on the bed) and got them up (although Jeremy didn’t secure the rods to the brackets and they came crashing down this past weekend…. add that to the to-do list!) We also still need to add the handles to the bed beds

A few more…

I want to find prints to hang above the bed, and I have these sconces picked out to hang above the nightstands.master bedroom

The mirror needs to be hung in the guest bath… but that involves moving the light higher…. boothguest bath

Giveaway | Winner!

Setting up tables, picking up cupcakes and stringing lights over the weekend for my Dad’s surprise party kept me tied up and I completely forgot to announce the winner of the Bubbly on a Budget giveaway winner on Friday!

I loved her  response to how she got bubbly on a budget…. “We double-used a number of items – our pew markers doubled as the toss bouquet & our 10 bridesmaid bouquets doubled as 10 centerpieces.”

Enjoy, Allison ;-)

discount photography winner

Wedding | Bubbly on a Budget

Normally January-March is “booking season” for a wedding photographer…. following all those Christmas, New Years & Valentines Day engagements… but it seems I’ve hit another booking peek during late summer…. oodles of inquiries have streamed in over the last 10 days (perhaps there were lots of beach engagements this summer?). With lots of inquires often comes lots of questions, and the common, “we’re on a budget”.  Now, budgets are not bad things…. we all have them…. but it’s how you set them (and the expectations that comes along with that number) that gets me.

planning a wedding on a budgetYou get engaged, yippie!! Now, things tend to go one of two ways…. you instantly set a budget (maybe it’s the amount you have saved up, or can save between now and the date picked…. or it’s the amount your parents have set aside) OR you decide what kind of wedding you want before thinking about the money. It’s always one way or the other. For me, I knew what kind of wedding I wanted (venue & season picked long before I got the ring!) so that was going to dictate the budget I would need to spend instead of the financial perimeters deciding what kind of wedding I would have.

Jeremy and I paid for our wedding (minus $500 my dad gifted me for gown shopping). After getting engaged, Jeremy and I talked about what was important to us on our wedding day…. his list included; a sit-down dinner, craft beer, a live band and suits instead of tuxes…. my list included; real flowers, good photos, pro hair/makeup and pumpkin wedding cake. We then began to research what each item would run, and made decisions from there…. Google was my best friend. I would research suits, flowers and caterers, get quotes and analyze them.

I challenge you to decide what’s important FIRST and research what those important things cost…. before arbitrarily saying “our wedding budget is $X, and squeezing what you can in it (possibly sacrificing things that are important)

Below is a rough breakdown of our wedding day budget. We spent about $18,000 on our wedding (which included our wedding rings) for a weekend-long soiree of about 100 people.


wedding budgets

Things to note about my budget:

The $4000 for dinner also included our rentals (about $1000) but doesn’t include the linens – I bought those. The $2800 for photography includes our engagement session, disc & album, but I made the album myself (a pro album later after I started this business) $600 for cake was for a mini 2 tier cake and a bunch of cupcakes. $200 for hair & makeup was for me only… my girls had the option to have theirs done and pay for it themselves, some did. The remaining $6k not pictured here was for my dress (wore my moms & then bought a cocktail dress for the reception), Jeremy’s suit, wedding gifts for everyone, all the decor, goodie bags for the hotel rooms, etc.

Ways to have bubbly on your budget:

1. Get married on an “off day”   You may be able to score your dream venue for less.

2. Dying for peonies (who isn’t!?) buy them loose, and arrange them yourself (this takes time!) Remember, flowers are seasonal. Using what’s in season will be less expensive.

3. Want a killer photographer, but don’t think their packages are in your budget? Ask them if they offer an hourly rate to cover the event, then buy all your products after the wedding with those cash gifts. Or ask if they offer gift cards, then let people know you would like gift cards at your showers. We offer this ;-)

If it seems like much of what you want is not going to be within your reach, then you have 2 choices…. Extend your timeline & save up for what you really want, or compromise and be ok with it. At the end of the day there’s one goal, to be married…. and if you spend $100,000 or $60 at the courthouse, you’ll have the exact same outcome. Anyone can have a super posh wedding, but you might only be able to afford 1 hour of photography, and dinner for 5 people…. it’ s all about YOUR priorities.


GIVEAWAY!      To help you get a little more bubbly….. ;-)

Enter below how you work bubbly into your budget to get my copy of “Bubbly on your Budget” (this is not a wedding book), a set of IOMOI pens  Lara Casey’s Encouragement Postcards  AND a $100 gift card towards a session or wedding photography! (you can gift this to someone if you cannot use it)

Entries will close Thursday, September 14th at noon, EST. 

*Session or wedding must take place by 6/1/15*