Bridal | Langtree Plantation

langtree plantation weddingEarlier this month I had the opportunity to do four sessions at Langtree Plantation in Mooresville. The lovely people running the almost-open facility sure know how to keep lush landscaping and blend buildings with the landscape. Everything is so natural, but manicured…. it made for a beautiful backdrop! I know the families I photographed are probably planning to use their images for their holiday cards, so I am waiting a bit to share them… but the first thing I photographed was a mini bridal session of Aime! She graciously volunteered to play dress up for me and even let me do her hair and makeup!

I was going for a “Thanksgiving elopement” feel in these images. Wouldn’t you love to be married in such a lovely location!

Langtree Plantation is planning to officially open shortly, so if you’re on the hunt for a stately backdrop for your wedding, look into them!

langtree plantation    thanks-1036

The nooks around the house are so well thought out, and provide endless spots for photos!langtree wedding

thanks-1022thanksgiving wedding inspirationthanks-1009

Black Friday Don’ts

Want to see a photographers eyes bleed? Hand them a black Friday ad.

This morning was no different. I am a loyal Best Buy customer having bought oodles there… tvs, refrigerators, games, etc….. just not cameras or anything to do with them. This morning I got the black Friday preview email…. cue eyes bleeding.

Please don’t fall pray to the “deals” on these kits, as they are just going to be a let-down for anyone who knows anything about SLRs (or anyone who’s willing to learn). They’ll quickly realize the lens is plastic (all kits lenses are!) and will only produce a good image in broad daylight (not at 6AM when the kids want to open their Christmas gifts) and that camera bag…. well…. it’s fugly and will prove to be too tiny for all the gadgets you’ll inevitably collect.

On the left is the ad I received via email this morning…. bundles that will “save” you! Not.  That camera bag…. yuck-o! That lens…. crap-ola!

On the right is the same camera body, with 2 prime (they don’t zoom… use your feet, people!), a flash and a sexy camera bag! Check below for links of everything.

black friday don'ts


The camera  $449 through Adorama (used, but do NOT be afraid of used gear if it comes from a reputable dealer)

35mm 1.8  $196 A good all-purpose wider lens that will work well in lower light

85mm 1.8  $496 A good all-purpose longer lens that’s great for capturing across a room or anywhere some distance is needed. It’s also good in low light.

SB-80DX $133 …. even the greatest camera won’t work clearly in darkness… a flash with a swivel head will be your BFF. (I own this flash, and love it!)

Super nice camera bag: Ona Chelsea bag  $369 (obviously you can find something for much less)


= $1279 without the bag or $1643 with the bag…. still FAR less than the kit in the Best Buy ad, and much higher quality lenses!!!


Want to gift a camera (or maybe someone has a nice camera) and want them to learn to use it properly…. meaning NOT on auto or P mode…. I love teaching my Camera 101 class. 1 on 1 classes are $225 for 2-3 hours and groups are $145 per person (with a minimum of 3 people, max of 5). Email me to set up a class for someone special or gift it to yourself!

Family | Laguerre

davidson nc family photographerTis the season for family photo…! The weather is cooler, the trees are nearly neon colors and the holidays are right around the corner! I’ve got a pretty packed schedule (5 more sessions this weekend!?!)  but I’ve got a little availability left if you’re still looking for photos before Christmas cards go out ;-)

Last year I met the Laguerre family for photos, and got to go back again this year. It was wonderful to see their girls and how much they’ve grown! I hope your dual birthday parties were a blast last weekend, and Tara & Patrick… I hope you survived since the weather forced everything inside!

To see all photos from the Laguerre family session, click here!

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