It’s no secret I love a pretty dress. My closet reveals my sickness…. hoards of dresses, fancy, casual, work… I love a good dress. I also LOVE it when my clients select a perfectly feminine dress for their shoot. This could be an engagement, maternity or family session! I am a firm believer you do NOT have to wear a “maternity” dress for a maternity session (I didn’t!). You’ll open yourself to so many more options if you don’t limit yourself to what stores like Destination Maternity want to sell you. The two in the top right corner could be stunning for maternity sessions. The lighter pink one also comes in blue, but it is sold directly through the brand site, here.

These would also be wonderful for beach sessions. I’m already booking folks on vacation this summer in the Wilmington area (Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, Wrightsville Beach, Ocean Isle, Oak Island, Bald Head Island) if you want to jump on my calendar, email me!

What makes these favorites?

1. The patterns are perfectly proportioned, and won’t overwhelm you.

2. They almost all have sleeves. If you have insecurities about your arms (many women do!) I would encourage you to wear a dress with a sleeve, or a cute jean jacket!

3. They all give you a defined waist! This will make you appear skinnier. If you select a very lose dress or top, it can make you appear larger than you are because it has no shape. Anyone remember What Not To Wear? Clinton and Stacey always looked for tailored clothes, treat this no different!

All these dresses are linked, just click on the one you want to purchase! (not affiliate links… I’m not cool enough ha!)

Put your guy in a pair of navy pants and a white shirt…. done!

See you on the beach, k?!

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