Sisters in antique buggy

I met Cyn years ago when she was still shooting weddings. Mina James was just a baby and little sister, Minnie wasn’t even thought of yet. Fast forward, they’ve moved back to the Lake Norman area and added Minnie to their crew. When Cyn asked if her 90 year old grandmother could join them, I told her of course! How often do little girls have their photo professionally taken with their great grandmother!? I thought it was awesome, and my only regret of their session wasn’t asking Cyn and her mom to hop in for a few of all of them together.

I absolutely love working in a studio setup SO MUCH. Too hot? Raining? Too cold? Too humid? It doesn’t matter! I love it so much, we are planning to use our (yet to be finished) man cave at our home (a separate building behind our home) for studio work! We’ll have backdrops hung, a bathroom to change in and snacks! I cannot wait to get rolling on this project later this year. Until then, I’ll keep snagging my girl, Laura’s studio 😉



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