So, as most of you know, I rented an office space in downtown Davidson last May. Well…. we were about to enter the busiest time of year, wedding season. So the major work on the office didn’t get complete until December/January….. so shameful.

The office took many different design directions, but end the end, I love it. I do still detest the fluorescent lighting, but that’s a project for another day.

I spent the week before Christmas ripping up all the old carpet, the week after, we installed new wood floors 🙂 I wanted a new door, but was going to hold off…. until we got the flooring down and realized the metal door that was up, now didn’t fit in the door frame anymore! Off to the restore we went! (well, 3 restores) and snatched up this beautiful, french, wood door for $50!

Most everything you see is 2nd hand….

My Desk: was my sisters that I inherited in college

My Pink Chair: $20 on craigslist (if you’ve read my about me page, this is the chair I attempted to reupholster… bad idea)

Pink Sofa: $150 on craigslist

Coffee Table: $35 at the restore, it was a dining table & we cut the pedestal down

Fireplace Mantle: $50 on craigslist (it was listed for $25, but I paid double to have it delivered)

White Chairs: $355 for the pair at the Curious Peddler in Mebane, $225 to reupholster them

Sideboard: $150 on craigslist

End tables: $7 each at the restore

Flooring: $250 from Lumber Liquidators

Curtains: $40 from Ikea

Floral Pillow: $60 Caitlin Wilson Designs 

Navy Monogram Pillow: $7 Ikea, $10 monogram at Poppies

Orange Tray: $15ish West Elm

Lamps: $3 each from Goodwill, shades are from Marshalls, $15 each

There are still lots of little things I’d like to do, but I’m really happy with the way things have come along.

So, make an appointment and come see me!




  1. Whoa, the floor makes all the difference. Looks fabulous!!

  2. cassidy sanford says:

    It looks so good!!! You guys did such a wonderful job!

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