Did you receive a DSLR for Christmas? Or maybe you’ve had it a while….. do you always use it on “P” or an “Auto” function? Did you know that by using it this way, your camera is making ALL the decisions for you?  Do the terms ISO, shutter speed, f-stops, focus, and light meter scare you?? This class is for you! Maybe you just want better photos of your kids on Christmas morning, brighter photos for your website… or maybe to spruce up your Instagram feed. You made an investment into a quality piece of gear, shouldn’t you know how to use it?!

Who: Anyone who owns a DSLR camera who wants to learn. We can do one on one, or a small group.

When: We’ll pick a date that works for everyone, the class will go about 3 hours.

Where: Uptown Charlotte

What to expect:

  • An introduction to the foundation of photography, including all those technical terms you don’t understand
  • Proper exposure of your images
  • Finding good light and how to make your camera see what you want it to see
  • Practice using your new skills
  • A printed guide of all the information I share



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