November 4, 2009

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November 3, 2009

Jessica + Jeremy: The New 50mm Lens

My new 50mm lens was patiently waiting for me when I arrived home from work yesterday!! I broke it out to play with immediately :-) After it got dark, we played around with the can lighting in our kitchen. I set up the camera for Jeremy to take a few of me and Gus.

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November 2, 2009

Product: Holiday!

Hello, November.... you make me nervous, because you mean the Holidays are right around the corner!!

Get your Holiday Cards done E.A.R.L.Y. this year.... and what do you know, I'm offering Holiday Postcards!

Front side- will have an image from your shoot of your choice... can't decide on one? That's OK! We can put 2 side by side! It can also have a message if you like! (the example below does!)

Back side- this is completely up to you! Your message, your color, your design.... however you want them, we can probably do them :-)

Christmas shoots are $150 and include 30 free photo postcards. Need more than 30? That's OK! You can get as many more as you like for 50 cents each.

Here's a quick example of what it could look like.... don't mind the non-holiday photo- it was red, and I thought it was pretty :-)


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Back.... (the blank spot on the right is where your addressee will go!)

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