Hi Friends!!! Long time, no blog..... #corona

Last week, I had the privilege of photographing my best friend with her new baby girl (SO precious!!!) and I realized I don't think I've ever formally shared my thoughts on what MOM should wear. Everyone gets so focused on that new baby, they forget that they will actually be IN photos as well.

Here are a few "rules" I share with new moms about what I think they should wear for photos:

1. Nothing tight on your tummy. Your body is healing, and you may even still be wearing mesh panties or depends.

2. Thick straps or even better, sleeves. You will likely have on a nursing bra or tank under your outfit, so wear something that hides it.

3. Neutral color. It's totally fine to don some pink or blue, but go with a pastel version of it. I tell you this for 2 reasons.... 1. My personal aesthetic is light/bright 2. Pale colors will not cast a yucky color on to your baby's skin.

Below I'm sharing a few current pieces that would all photograph wonderfully. They all follow the three rules above!
White Dress (this one is my favorite of the short ones!!) / Pink and Blue Floral (wear without belt) / White Puff Sleeve (also comes in blue) / Pink Button Down / Blue Tunic Dress

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