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December 31, 2013
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January 17, 2014

A Laundry List…. aka: things we want to do at the beach house

So, like normal…. technology is a little challenging these last few days (other blogs planned, and not working out quite right at the moment)…. so, since we’ve made it 14 days into the new year without a post, perhaps we should jump on the resolution-esque blog post.

Since dreaming of, building, and moving in the beach house we’ve had a list of things we want to complete at the house. I made a list a few days ago and thought I’d share! Can’t believe it’s been since September since I did a house update?!

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beach house projectsTo do ASAP…..

1. Hem living room curtains (I sewed them, pleated them, and we hung them…. now they just need a good hem!)

2. Fix & hang guest room curtains: I found 4 perfect, silk panels at the restore months and months ago…. I only need 2 for the guest room, and these are too short, so I am ripping the 2 I don’t need apart and adding length to the ones I am going to use.

3. Hang light in guest room: found this one at West Elm about 2 years ago for like 70% off!

4. Finish & hang light over dining table: We picked out this one and got it from my Dad for Christmas…. I’m wrapping it in rope! It’s about 80% done.

5. Hang these dog prints in kennel

6. Fix coffee table: needs some supports built in

7. Hang tv in bathroom: it goes where those boxes are uncovered over the tub.

8. Recover chair in living room: I got 1 done…. and have been dragging my feet on the 2nd one :-/

8. Buy & hang hooks in master bath: I want the same ones we hung in the entry-nook-area

9. Hang 3rd print in living room: 2 of the 3 are hung…. but we needed more hardware for the 3rd one.

10. Fix cables in living room & hook up speakers: we got in-wall speakers for Christmas, and we hope to have them installed soon

11. Print some 4×6 images for frames…. ya know cobblers children have no shoes.


By July

1. Redo mats in kitchen & hang prints: I’m going to try very hard to remember to bring these home and run them by Michael’s to have new mats cut!

2. Hang bamboo blinds in living room & kitchen

3. Paint master bath ceiling: been strongly considering painting the ceiling in here a coordinating blue tone!?!

4. Make organizer for silverware drawer…. oh I don’t have a picture of the chaos of this drawer for a reason.

5. Hang shelves in pantry…. yeah our microwave is about 6 feet in the air on the only shelf hung…..


By the end of 2014

1. Buy new TV for living room: Jer has his heart set on a 55″

2. Buy sofa for loft: after lots of debate, reading and cost options: I think we’re going Ikea. I’m not thrilled about it, but I’ll live.

3. Have dresser for master painted & take to the beach….. yeah.

4. Build dining table: Make sure you ask Jeremy about this to keep it on his mind 🙂 He said months ago he wanted to build one…. I’m holding him to it.

Things I am pleased to report:

We finally got a rug! Our living room has been in serious need of some cushy…. found a deal on this on through It should arrive next week!

I also hit Target with a vengeance this week…. finding this bar cart 70% off (to be used as my night stand), this end table (for the living room) and 2 of these poufs for the living room! Thank you Cartwheel app & Target debit card for the savings!

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